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About Us

"Long-term solutions from a professional security partner"

Guardian Security understands that today, more than ever before, security is a critical ingredient to business success. Whether your business is corporate, industrial or infrastructure, commercial real estate, residential living, financial, educational or governmental in nature, having a dynamic security solution in place is an absolute necessity.

We work diligently to create trusted business partnerships with our clients that result in expert, highly effective, long-term solutions, tailored precisely to each company’s needs. We believe the keys to the effectiveness of our client partnerships are:

  • Client trust and satisfaction due to Guardian’s superior employee selection process, performance standards and staff retention history
  • Implementation of an expert, multi-faceted security program featuring Guardian’s wide array of services and cutting-edge technology
  • Sustained service excellence assured by Guardian’s on-going performance review process and constant self-evaluation


There’s no clearer proof of the effectiveness our client partnership approach than our record of client retention year after year. We have maintained a client retention rate second to none in any industry by placing a company-wide emphasis
on exceeding our clients’ expectations every day.


Guardian Security has an industry-wide reputation for consistently superior service. It’s no coincidence that we also have one of the industry’s best security staff retention rates. In an industry where turnover averages 300% annually, Guardian’s average turnover rate is slightly higher than 30%.

The reasons? We believe that our employees are our biggest assets and that consistently superior service is the result of maintaining a consistently superior workforce.

To that end, we conduct a strict selection process that sets us apart from other security providers, including pre-application qualification, initial and secondary interviewing, skill testing and assessment and thorough background investigation.

When a staff member meets our rigid requirements, our retention strategy focuses on a variety of key areas, including fair compensation, benefits and incentives, proper training, career development and growth opportunities, management support, employee empowerment, and meaningful communication.

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