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Selection Process

To be successful, a business must make smart investments, and at Guardian Security, we believe the key to our success is investing in qualified people.

When a client hires us, we are committed to providing a security team whose members are the very best people available – the most professional, the most knowledgeable, the most responsible, and only those of the highest level of character.

Unlike many security firms, we do not conduct mass hirings in order to staff for our client assignments. Instead, we carefully tailor our hiring to match our clients’ specific needs, selecting only professionals with appropriate skill sets in their personal resumes, as well as any physical attributes that may be needed to handle the requirements of the job.

Few companies in the security industry go to the lengths that Guardian does in selecting Officers. All applicants must go through a highly rigorous, multi-step process that includes a qualifying pre-application, completion of a standard application, personal interviews, aptitude testing, follow-up interviews and assessments, and, of course, a thorough background check.

As a testament to our highly selective screening process, over 50% of our security personnel have attended college – a number far exceeding the industry norm.

The time and money we invest in choosing our Officers and staff has always paid immeasurable dividends, both in client satisfaction and retention.  As a result, there is no doubt in our minds that our people are truly our most valuable asset. 

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