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After retiring from the transportation business I was looking for a job in the security field. I notice Guardian security services at energy plants. I went on line to their web site and read about their company. I was impressed by their years of experience and professionalism. I filled out an application and a few weeks later I was called for an interview. I was hired in august 2011. The management and employees of Guardian are more than I expected in their professional work ethics and understanding the needs of their employees. I hope that I can grow with Guardian and share my experience with them.

James P


Guardian Security Services is a great company. The GSS Management Team is "second to none", and they really care about their clients and officers as well. Service of going "above and beyond" by all team members is what makes Guardian so unique and the best in the business. This is just one of the many reasons why I am proud to be part of their team.

Rob G


My name is Elvetta W I was chosen as a candidate for Guardian security. They gave me an opportunity of a life time, when no one else would.  They also allowed me to grow within the company.  I don’t know where I would be if they didn’t take a chance on me, when I had no one to turn to. The benefits are great I can make it now.

Elvetta W -  


In the four years I've worked for Guardian Security, I've had the pleasure of working with some of the most professional officers in the industry, worked in an environment where my talents matter, and have garnered valuable leadership experience. Guardian Security has given me the opportunity to realize my personal goals while working close to home.

William G -  


Guardian Security Services has provided me with solid work and great pay in a tough economy and an opportunity to learn and grow with the best of the best in Chicago (land) Security.

Jeff B -  


I originally applied as Guardian Security Services because I was looking for a career in public service, as I learned about the company I came to know it more as a team. GSS has an incredible relationship with their Officers; they treat their employees with dignity and respect. Thus far I have very much enjoyed being a GSS Officer, and I'm looking forward to continuing my career with Guardian. 

John G -  


Guardian Security Services helped me to advance my career in law enforcement. While working as a Guardian security officer, I was able to test for police departments while gaining great professional experience. Guardian Security was very flexible with me and my busy schedule of testing. I am currently completing my police academy and Guardian Security is still working with me and keeping me employed while completing my training.

Matt M -  


I have a good relationship of mutual respect with each of my supervisors on site.  Even though they have very different personalities, I feel like we are all working toward common goals, no matter who I'm working with that shift.  That's another thing: I don't feel like I'm just working for them, but working with them instead.

Rachel L -  


One of the greatest things about working for Guardian is the pay rate. In my years working in security the pay rate is the highest so far that I have received. Also, I appreciate the managers and supervisors who have been great to me and treated me with respect as well as the officers that I have worked with.

Michele M -  


Guardian Security is a great company in that it strives to continuously improve their systems, their training, and their brand.

Victor M -  

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