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Officer Testimonials


After retiring from the transportation business I was looking for a job in the security field. I notice Guardian security services at energy plants. I went on line to their web site and read about their company. I was impressed by their years of experience and professionalism. I filled out an application and a few weeks later I was called for an interview. I was hired in august 2011. The management and employees of Guardian are more than I expected in their professional work ethics and understanding the needs of their employees. I hope that I can grow with Guardian and share my experience with them.

James P


Guardian Security Services is a great company. The GSS Management Team is "second to none", and they really care about their clients and officers as well. Service of going "above and beyond" by all team members is what makes Guardian so unique and the best in the business. This is just one of the many reasons why I am proud to be part of their team.

Rob G


My name is Elvetta W I was chosen as a candidate for Guardian security. They gave me an opportunity of a life time, when no one else would.  They also allowed me to grow within the company.  I don’t know where I would be if they didn’t take a chance on me, when I had no one to turn to. The benefits are great I can make it now.

Elvetta W -  


In the four years I've worked for Guardian Security, I've had the pleasure of working with some of the most professional officers in the industry, worked in an environment where my talents matter, and have garnered valuable leadership experience. Guardian Security has given me the opportunity to realize my personal goals while working close to home.

William G -  


Guardian Security Services has provided me with solid work and great pay in a tough economy and an opportunity to learn and grow with the best of the best in Chicago (land) Security.

Jeff B -  


I originally applied as Guardian Security Services because I was looking for a career in public service, as I learned about the company I came to know it more as a team. GSS has an incredible relationship with their Officers; they treat their employees with dignity and respect. Thus far I have very much enjoyed being a GSS Officer, and I'm looking forward to continuing my career with Guardian. 

John G -  


Guardian Security Services helped me to advance my career in law enforcement. While working as a Guardian security officer, I was able to test for police departments while gaining great professional experience. Guardian Security was very flexible with me and my busy schedule of testing. I am currently completing my police academy and Guardian Security is still working with me and keeping me employed while completing my training.

Matt M -  


I have a good relationship of mutual respect with each of my supervisors on site.  Even though they have very different personalities, I feel like we are all working toward common goals, no matter who I'm working with that shift.  That's another thing: I don't feel like I'm just working for them, but working with them instead.

Rachel L -  


One of the greatest things about working for Guardian is the pay rate. In my years working in security the pay rate is the highest so far that I have received. Also, I appreciate the managers and supervisors who have been great to me and treated me with respect as well as the officers that I have worked with.

Michele M -  


Guardian Security is a great company in that it strives to continuously improve their systems, their training, and their brand.

Victor M -  


Guardian Security recognizes individual’s talents and responds accordingly. I appreciate the way Guardian Security Management worked with me during my pregnancy and when I took maternity leave. Their care and concern was most important to me.

Lori H -  


From the initial orientation program to site placement, Guardian Security Services assisted me every step of the way. Once I was placed at the site account, I received more quality training making my time with Guardian a success. The follow-up training I continue to receive instills commitment and quality in each of the officers.

Yonathon H -  


I'm employed by Guardian Security Services. As an employee they make you feel as if you’re working with them, more than working for them. Their wages are above average for their industry and they have opportunity for advancement and raises, as well as benefit options. Their strong commitment to handle their clients’ needs and requests are positive for continued employment.

Rick G -  


Shortly after resigning from a career in law enforcement (Police Sergeant) to explore opportunities in a different career field, I relocated back to the state of Illinois because my desire to serve and protect inundated my existence married with my passion to serve and protect within the State of Illinois. Due to this overwhelming compassion for law enforcement, I began conducting a thorough search of various Departments in the State of Illinois and there was one department that reined above all others at that time and still to this very day…Guardian Security Services.  Guardian Security Services has both unarmed and armed accounts that consist of professional officers assigned to various accounts surrounding the Chicagoland areas. As an armed officer, I assure you that Guardian Security Services and its staff, not only gives you a great opportunity for growth in pursuing a career in law enforcement.  It is with great pleasure, honor and pride to inform that the initial hiring process of Guardian Security Services is not only challenging, it is also amazing! In short it strengthens your character, enhances your sense of prestige leadership and professionalism.

Speaking from experience there is no doubt in my mind that you will benefit greatly from choosing Guardian Security Services as your employer. Welcome to a dynamic team of Proactive Protective Leaders!

Keith C -  


I just completed my 90 days with GSS, within my first 90 days; I've had the pleasure of working with some great officers, whom care about their job and doing it right the first time. I came to Guardian looking for a challenge and I found it! I've been given the opportunity to move from being a security officer at a site to Account Manager. I'm all the proof that one needs to believe that if you work hard and show your abilities you can move quickly within the Company. For me the keys to success were Talent, Willingness to work hard, Ability to be a leader and Willingness to continue to lead.

Larry T -  


My name is Rick G, I’m employed by Guardian Security Services.  As an Employee they make you feel as if you’re working with them, more than working for them.  Their wages are above average for their industry and they have opportunity for advancement and raises, as well as benefit options.  Their strong Commitment to handle their client’s needs and requests are positive for continued employment.

Rick G -  


Guardian Security Services partners with us to provide customized services for our employees.  They continually provide us with courteous and professional security personnel.

Maureen O -  


Guardian Security has been our Security Provider for more than eight years now and I must say that the security operation continues to improve and respond to the ever changing environment. The commitment of the individual officers is very apparent to our staff and students and the personal attention that I receive from Guardian management is above my expectations. I thank you and your staff for providing a dedicated and proficient security department that truly has become a part our organization.

Phil L -  


For the past seven years, Guardian Security has been the exclusive provider of Security Services us with the highest level of professional service. Mr. Malinowski, Dominic Polito and their staff have consistently addressed our needs in a friendly manner. They provide fast professional service at a moment’s notice.  I receive countless offers from other companies, but remain a loyal customer as a result of their excellent professional personalized service and the peace of mind I receive knowing I can count on them to assist me when I need them!  This isn’t just lip service. I can’t say enough about your team.  You guys are the best!  I appreciate your friendship as well.

Mike T -  


Guardian has always been very helpful and very hands on with our site.  It has been a pleasure to work with every department in this company.

Denise W -  


Best way to describe this organization:  Service of Excellence!  They continue to provide us with outstanding service for years.  Their dedication to customer service and professionalism has proven to be their standard practice.  If you are looking for a Security Service who is quick to respond and someone you can rely on, this is the organization for you.

Linda S -  


Our on-site Guardian employees always provide quality service and are very customer oriented.  Their management team is very responsive to our needs and they always provide strong support.  We have been a client for several years and I look forward to our continued working relationship.


Bob W -  


Guardian has served our homeowners association as their premiere security company for the last ten years, they have been far superior to our previous security company and in our opinion they are one of the best.  Their attention to detail no matter how large or small is unsurpassed.  Their employees always act in a professional and courtesy manner, and are able to act upon any and all security breaches with a swift and professional results.  As chairman of the security committee and VP of our association I can honestly say that Guardian will remain our PREMIERE security firm.

Gene M -  


I have had the opportunity to work with many of the large nationwide security firms throughout my career and working with Guardian Security has been a breath of fresh air.  I have been most impressed with the professionalism of the officers assigned to our facility and the responsiveness of their management team when called upon to resolve an issue.  We currently have over 30 Guardian security officers at our Chicago area location and each one represents our security program well.  They maintain a professional posture and, while always friendly and courteous, they do not lose sight of their role to enforce policy and protect our company assets.  This is one of the best security organizations I have had the opportunity to work with.

Anton B -  


I am new to the Guardian Security experience.  Being a Property Manager, we are often concerned about making the correct recommendations to our Boards.  The staff that has been placed at my guardhouse has made me look like a hero in the eyes of the Board.  It is always a pleasure to interact with the guards, as well as the office staff.  Their customer service is stellar.  Their professionalism is stupendous.  I am looking forward to a long relationship.  Should I ever pick up another gated property, you can be sure I will get Guardian aboard.  Thank you for making my job easier.

Sue P

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