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The word “Training” is used frequently in many different applications and industries. How does your current security provider interpret the meaning of Training?

A training Program can only be viewed as successful if it produces the desired results. Buzz words and creative language do not translate to success or to the creation of a corporate culture that encourages employees to be conscientious of their day to day actions.

Guardian Security Services has developed our Training System and Phase Training approach to meet the needs of our valued Employees and highly regarded Clients.

To strengthen our resources we lay a foundation from which we can build from.  Our foundation starts at our Corporate Office, in our Training Center as new employees receive a full understanding of Guardian Security’s rich history and our “Service Excellence” ideology that separates us from our competitors.  We create a comfortable environment and utilize multiple training methods to encourage individual development and the retention of training material.

We work with each individual Client to determine what the required training will be to provide service excellence at their location.  As our employees graduate to the next phase of their training, they are introduced to their work environment and are given the resources to achieve success for that Client.  A blended approach with the right mix of hands on training at their site assignment and mentoring prepare our team to exceed expectations.

Development and continued training are ongoing, because there are no final stages of finite objectives.  Our company understands that training never ends.  We invest in our employees throughout their careers at Guardian Security Services because we define our success through their success.

To learn more about our training systems, please contact a Guardian Security Services Representative.

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