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With over 300 million people now living in our country, the security needs of residential real estate have grown along with our population. At Guardian, we recognize the importance of adapting conventional security methods to better facilitate the many different kinds of communities we now call home. We believe in proactive services and offer a wide range of cost-effective solutions whether the property is a luxury urban high-rise building, gated suburban community, or townhome, condominium or apartment complex.

Residential Most residential situations represent a major target of theft, vandalism, and property damage for today’s developers, owners, and managers of property, as well as homeowner associations. As a result, a highly professional level of security planning, prevention and protection is required, the kind of knowledgeable service Guardian Security already provides to many of the top residential real estate entities in the Chicagoland area.

In addition, we understand residential security requires a completely different approach from corporate and industrial protection. Residents must be able to relax and feel safe in their homes, enjoying family times without concern about their security. That’s why all of our security personnel are trained to interact with residents and guests in a positive, professional manner that makes them feel special.

Residential High RiseAs specialists in both gated community and luxury high-rise security, Guardian’s staff also knows the importance of being ambassadors for our clients in each community they serve. All are highly trained,impeccably dressed, courteous and professional, in an effort to further enhance the image of your property in the residents’ eyes.

We provide each client with comprehensive guidelines for security based on a clear understanding of the property’s current needs, assessing the extent to which current security meets those needs, and where they may fall short. Working with the client, we create a strategy to reach each security objective, then implement Security Officer staffing, training, rules, and detailed post orders/scheduling.

Because of our vast experience in providing Residential Security services, we also understand a client’s concerns about making a change and the transition process. Whether assuming security responsibilities from an internal staff, augmenting the current staff’s capabilities, or replacing a prior relationship, our management team and staff are expert at quickly becoming familiar with client needs, processes, policies and systems, seamlessly and transparently, to minimize the possibility of breaches in security.


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