Logistics & Distribution Security

Qualified in Developing Security Procedures That Reduce Risks to Expedite Shipments & Production

  • Security assessment & planning

  • Technology solutions to enhance your security, safety, and control

  • Processing & monitoring of shipping and receiving controls

Logistics and Distribution Collage

The logistics and distribution industry faces numerous security challenges, including theft, workplace violence, property damage, and vandalism, which can impact profitability and increase costs for consumers. Moreover, these crimes put personnel, inventory, facilities, and a company's reputation at risk. With Guardian Security, you can rely on our network of experienced security experts to ensure the safety of your sites.

Our Security Solution

With our significant experience in addressing security threats in the logistics and distribution industry, Guardian can design customized solutions targeting security breaches, theft, shipping loss, employee dishonesty, and other critical issues you face. The results are not just increased peace of mind, but often, enhanced productivity and sustained profitability.

With Guardian Security, you can trust your logistics and distribution operations will receive the highest level of protection. We understand the unique security challenges of the industry and are committed to safeguarding your assets, personnel, and reputation.

Specialized Security Services


The global scope and requirements of logistics and distribution facilities often involve operation and site safety hazards, public image perceptions, and a variety of other unique security challenges compared to conventional security programs.

Security Assessment & Planning

Conducting surveys and assessments to assist in identifying overall security needs


Theft, fraud, unethical business conduct and substance abuse

Logistics & Distribution Subject Matter Experts

Our team has decades of intensive experience in providing comprehensive solutions to fit your needs

Processing & Monitoring

Shipping & receiving controls, seal requirements and logistics documents


Fire, life safety and HAZMAT services

Perimeter Protection

Ongoing facility security as well as during workplace disruptions

Extensive Security Training

Teams of security officers, supervisors and managers at Guardian are trained in the specific requirements of logistics and distribution security.

  • Attention to Detail - Not only do we focus on the big picture, we also have an uncompromising attention to detail, that other firms just take for granted. 

  • Our Officer Selection - We fully understand the type of officer
    needed to be successful in your environment; therefore our officers will be selected and trained specifically for your application.

  • High Wage Icon

    Guardian offers Industry Leading wages to foster competence and reduce turnover.


Guardian Security Has A "Hands On" Management Style

Active Senior Management personally involved in the successful development and implementation of security programs.

A Management Team You Can Count On

Our team is comprised of security professionals who have over 200 years of combined experience. 

97% Client Retention Rate

Our client retention rate speaks for itself! Client retention is our primary focus and the hallmark of quality service. 

Setting the Standard

Guardian Security sets the standard for accessibility and responsiveness.