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We place a huge value on strong client relationships. See what our security clients have to say.

Our Clients Say it Best....

Our security clients are long-term and treated like family. Customer service and client satisfaction is at the forefront of our business. 

Our on-site Guardian employees always provide quality service and are very customer oriented. Their management team is very responsive to our needs and they always provide strong support.

Bob W.

Guardian Security has been our Security Provider for more than eight years now and I must say that the security operation continues to improve and respond to the
ever-changing environment.

Phil L.

Guardian has served our homeowners association as their premiere security company for the last ten years. They have been far superior to our previous security company, and in our opinion, they are one of the best.

Gene M.

For the past seven years, Guardian Security has been the exclusive provider of Security Services with the highest level of professional service.

Mike T.

Best way to describe this organization: Service of Excellence! They continue
to provide us with outstanding
service for years.

Linda S.

Guardian has always been very helpful and very hands on with our site. It has been a pleasure to work with every department in this company.

Denise W.

Guardian Security is the first security company I’ve worked with that gave me peace of mind. I don’t need to be in constant communication with them because the very few times there are challenges, they are handled swiftly and appropriately by their entire team; which helps us all sleep better at night.

Angela H.

Guardian Security Services has partnered with our bank since 2009. I have had the personal pleasure of working with Guardian for the last five years as the bank’s head of security. Guardian’s team provides the best service and will always go above and beyond to make sure our security needs are met. 

Leo A.

As a property management company, we are always looking for a sound relationship and exemplary service for our customers. We have found that with Guardian Security! Currently, the Guardian Team provides service for 5 gated communities in the western suburbs for the past seven
plus years.

Denise B.

On behalf of myself and the community, I want to express my gratitude to you and our Guardian team. Guardian Security has been our 24/7 security provider since 2015, and I am heartened to say that switching firms have proven to be an excellent decision. 

Lisa R.

I have had the pleasure of working with Guardian Security at three different properties. Their service is always superior. The staff at Guardian Security is always efficient and effective in
every situation. I find the
officers to be dependable
and trustworthy. 

Erica J.

I have had the opportunity to work with many of the larger nationwide security firms throughout my career and working with Guardian Security has been a breath of fresh air. I have been
most impressed with
the professionalism of the
officers assigned to our facility.

Anton B.

I am new to the Guardian Security experience.  Being a Property Manager, we are often concerned about making the correct recommendations to our Boards.  The staff that has been placed at my guardhouse has made me look like a hero in the eyes of the Board.  It is always a pleasure to interact with the guards, as well as the office staff.  Their customer service is stellar.  Their professionalism is stupendous.  I am looking forward to a long relationship.  Should I ever pick up another gated property, you can be sure I will get Guardian aboard.  Thank you for making my job easier.

Sue P.

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