Residential Door Staff

Providing a Safe and Superior Residential Environment For Chicago's Residents

  • Professional, courteous, and friendly Door Staff

  • Ambassadors to the property enhancing luxury appeal and standards

  • At Guardian Security, we understand nothing should feel safer than home.

Residential Door Staff Woman

At Guardian Security, we understand that the Door Staff and Concierge Staff are critical to creating a positive first and last impression for residents and visitors. It's essential that they are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable, and help residents feel safe and secure in their homes.

Selection Process

To ensure that we consistently meet and exceed expectations, we carefully select employees for each building, provide them with on-site training on specific operating procedures, and reinforce how to make residents feel welcome and cared for. Our team of professionally trained personnel is committed to providing a high level of customer service and engagement for your building's residents, tenants, and visitors. We believe that the first impression with our staff should be a healthy and lasting one.

Customized Security

We offer customized residential security solutions to meet the unique needs of your community, whether it's an apartment building, high-rise condominium, gated community, or any other type of residential property. Our goal is to help ensure that your residents feel safe, secure, and well-cared-for, and we take pride in our ability to provide personable and attentive service.

Guardian Security Hospitality

As specialists in door staff-concierge security, Guardian’s staff knows the importance of being ambassadors for our clients in each residential property they serve. Our Doorstaff is highly trained, impeccably dressed, courteous and professional, in an effort to further enhance the image of your property.


Residential Door Staff

Extensive Security Training

Our security personnel are trained to interact with residents and guests in a positive, professional manner that makes them feel at ease.

  • Attention to Detail - Not only do we focus on the big picture, we also have an uncompromising attention to detail, that other firms just take for granted. 

  • Our Officer Selection - We fully understand the type of officer
    needed to be successful in your environment; therefore our officers will be selected and trained specifically for your application.

  • High Wage Icon

    Guardian offers Industry Leading wages to foster competence and reduce turnover.


Guardian Security Has A "Hands On" Management Style

Active Senior Management personally involved in the successful development and implementation of security programs.

A Management Team You Can Count On

Our team is comprised of security professionals who have over 200 years of combined experience. 

97% Client Retention Rate

Our client retention rate speaks for itself! Client retention is our primary focus and the hallmark of quality service. 

Setting the Standard

Guardian Security sets the standard for accessibility and responsiveness.