Armed Security Officer | Law Enforcement

The leading provider of Armed Officers and off-duty Law Enforcement in Chicago

  • Highest level of private security available 

  • Certified and trained to handle situational threat levels

  • Years of industry experience with the authority to make arrests

Off-Duty Law Enforcement

Our team includes retired and off-duty law enforcement professionals who bring years of industry experience, which they leverage for occasions or events that require heightened security. They are well-trained to handle different levels of threats and can adapt to various uniform options, including plain clothes, suits, or a more tactical military-style appearance.

With our extensive resources, we can provide coverage throughout the entire Chicagoland area, ensuring that your security needs are met comprehensively.

Armed Security Officer
Furnished Newly Uniformed

Armed Officers

Guardian Security offers the highest level of private security with our Armed Security Officer and off-duty police officers, giving you peace of mind. Our armed officers are carefully vetted, certified, and trained to meet your specific business needs and site requirements.

We provide armed officers who possess the necessary temperament and experience to effectively work in your location. Our armed officers visibility can be adjusted based on your preferences. Our officers are trained and skilled in managing difficult situations. Their presence ensures the safety, legality, and smooth operation of your people, facilities, and events.

Extensive Security Training

Teams of security officers, supervisors and managers at Guardian are trained in the specific requirements of manufacturing and industrial security.

  • Attention to Detail - Not only do we focus on the big picture, we also have an uncompromising attention to detail, that other firms just take for granted. 

  • Our Officer Selection - We fully understand the type of officer
    needed to be successful in your environment; therefore our officers will be selected and trained specifically for your application.

  • High Wage Icon

    Guardian offers Industry Leading wages to foster competence and reduce turnover.


Guardian Security Has A "Hands On" Management Style

Active Senior Management personally involved in the successful development and implementation of security programs.

A Management Team You Can Count On

Our team is comprised of security professionals who have over 200 years of combined experience. 

97% Client Retention Rate

Our client retention rate speaks for itself! Client retention is our primary focus and the hallmark of quality service. 

Setting the Standard

Guardian Security sets the standard for accessibility and responsiveness.